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Delve into the Green Hills of Suruga

2 Day | 1 Night Guided Cycling Tour

This mini cycling tour takes you on a less travelled path into the quiet sanctuary and pace of mountain life where subsistence living can be enjoyed and appreciated along with stunning local produce and lodging.

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This mini tour begins at JR Shimada Station, and after a gentle ride you will immediately be immersed in an evergreen landscape. Flowing mountain streams and bamboo forests transport you deep into the hills, where the pace of life slows. 


Enjoy the authentic architecture and hospitality of the Sasama region as you climb up through the tea terraces to your beautiful overnight lodging and welcoming host.


Eat locally sourced and prepared meals, bathe in the mountain mist and listen to the choir of crickets as night welcomes.



Kawasemi Cottage

Step back in time to a restored estate deep in the mountains. This retro-lux private cottage offers 1950s nostalgia as part of an authentic village experience amongst the tea fields of Sasama. As the only guests, enjoy exclusive use of the bathhouse & deck for stargazing; the garden, pond & shrine for photography or quiet contemplation; and the sound of the river as you drift off to sleep. Visit our teahouse (Chaya Hotaru, Sat. 10am-4pm), and enjoy hiking, paragliding and much more



Sasu – Ichi is the old nickname of a private estate in the village of AWABARA located in the beautiful SASAMA region at the edge of SHIZUOKA Prefecture's southern Alps.  Consisting of ten buildings, including its own INARI shrine, the property's records document its 600+ year history.  The SASU ・ICHI project aims to revive the estate and reinvigorate the surrounding area in conjunction with the local community. In SASAMA, and in AWABARA village in particular, as many of the houses have become vacant, new residents have been welcomed from outside the community creating a fresh energy blending old and new. 

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