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since 2014


our history

cycling is our passion. with over 30 years experience in and around all things bike and over 12 years living, racing and exploring japan on our bike, we have turned our attention to sharing this wonderful country and its magical roads through ridejapan.

our approach.

passionate people doing the things they love. cyclists are a unique mob and we often go out of our way to find experiences that generate a sense of freedom that is in harmony with our surroundings. that perfect road, that perfect ride, that perfect moment. ridejapan hopes to create those moments for its guests.

our rides.

ridejapan is a premium event and tour operator that specializes in tours for cyclists that want to experience something special. we cater to riders of all levels and design tours that showcase the best of japan and its amazing scenery and culture.


"the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Adam Cobain

Founder & Managing Director, RideJapan

our mission



ridejapan has a simple quest; to bring you the best cycling adventures in japan. we are passionate, both on and off the bike, and hand-craft our tours and events based on a love for cycling and japan. we try to strike the perfect balance and hope we have a tour to suit everyone, if not, just let us know and we will craft one for you.


with an extensive background in the bicycle industry and having volunteered our time and expertise in several charity tours and worked closely with the japan tourism industry, we are lucky to have worked with best in business. all ridejapan tours include a comprehensive briefing and make sure all our clients are on the same page on what to expect, not only as customers, but as visitors in a country. responsible cycling is our mission.


japan is a unique country and has a very structured society with a strong set of unwritten rules. we live here, so you know that we spend our day learning and doing our best to understand the numerous layers of the culture. respecting these cultural obligations is a major focus for ridejapan and this is what makes travel so wonderful.


we do not take anything for granted and work hard on our ip and with our tourism partners to make sure every tour is always fine tuned. from the moment you book to the cresting of the highest mountains, through the sharing cultural experiences and to the tours conclusion, we consider every last detail. ridejapan service is designed to exceed all your expectations, at every stage of the journey.


with more than 30 years in and around all things bike, we breathe cycling and our tours are an extension of that. our comprehensive strategies and detailed processes ensure that all that you have to do is enjoy the wonderful cycling experience. japan takes time to understand and we keep you informed with the details to make sure your time with us allows you to relax and enjoy this amazing ancient culture and experience its gracious hospitality.

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