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Explore the mighty Oi River of Suruga

3 Day | 2 Night Guided Cycling Tour

The untamed Oi River is mighty and proud. Twisting deep from the southern Alps to the pacific ocean, its banks have long been tapped for logging and industry. These days, the river offers intrepid travellers a chance to explore a very raw and majestic part of Shizuoka and the Suruga region.

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The Suruga region offers cyclists some unique multi-day experiences. This tour  3-day | 2-night cycling adventure explore the Oi River region and showcases the authentic mountain lifestyle, food and traditional accommodations of the region.


Day 1 begins at JR Shimada Station, and after a gentle ride you will immediately be immersed in an evergreen landscape and the foothills of the southern alps. Flowing mountain streams and bamboo forests transport you deep into the hills, where the pace of life slows. 


Day 2 takes riders further north and along the bank of the Oi River, crossing suspension bridges and enjoying epic views of the river and the authentic architecture. Eat locally sourced and prepared meals, bathe in the mountain mist and listen to the choir of crickets at carefully selected accommodations.


Day 3 is a gentle ride south and returns to Shimada station.  This tour can be customised to suit and offers many off-bike experiences to create a wonderful cycling journey.



Yuruyado Voketto

A guesthouse located in Kawanehon-cho, Shizuoka, which is rich in nature. The owner renovated a 140-year-old traditional house and breathed new life into it, creating a space with a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. It has become such a warm place that those who have visited so far call it their second home . You can enjoy BBQ and river play during the day, and the spectacular starry sky at night. The Oigawa Railway and Yume no Suspension Bridge are near the inn, so you can also enjoy sightseeing


Off-Road Options

For riders looking to get off the beaten track, the Oi River and Suruga region offer some great dirt roads (rindo) options. These carefully selected roads are not known to many, nor explored and our guides have carefully checked and tested some of the best mixed terrain in southern Japan.


These roads add an extra element of adventure and with our Yamaha E-gravel bike options, the part can be less challenging.

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