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while shizuoka is best known as the home of mt.fuji and the craggy coastlines of the izu peninsula, the central region of suruga is an adventure cyclists haven. the tranquility of the green tea fields lead to un-paved forest roads which transport the rider to place of peace and simplicity. an off the beaten track adventure is waiting to be explored.

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sea to summit.

with multiple access points on the tokaido line, riders can start their adventure in shizuoka or shimada. both near to the waters of suruga bay and provide convenient access to the quiet roads of the north toward sasama and ikawa. these narrow mountain roads are dotted with the ever-green tea plantations, many precariously perched on hillsides making for an inspiring backdrop. the remnants of villages lost to time pass by as the road heads skyward until eventually event the roads become lost to time also. this is where the adventure shifts a gear and the roads snake through the forests, rough and unbeaten. despite the serenity and the seeming absence of life, oasis like cafés and guest houses are never to far and ready to welcome the valiant adventurer.

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dirt is the new clean.

the allure of the region is not only the breathtaking views, but the vast amounts of easy access dirt roads. this emerging cycling trend has been buoyed over the past 5 years by bicycle manufacturers offering typical road frames with clearance for wider tyres and specific mixed terrain bikes. what this allows is the chance to explore roads and areas otherwise off-limits to conventional bikes which the suruga region and sasama and shimada areas have plenty to offer. our courses include multiple sections of off-road terrain all easily accessible and rideable. that being said, and while it is nice to not get lost, there are numerous more adventures to be unearthed so we recommend getting on the bike and spend a few days exploring this wonderful region.

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equipment check

don’t get caught in the mountains without some essential equipment.

•gps unit with pre-loaded course

•enough food, water for your ride.

•spare tubes, pump, tools including chain tools

•proper clothing for changing conditions

•tell somebody your planned route and expected finish time.

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why not turn your ride into a two-day adventure. sasama offers some great accommodation options to meet all riders’ needs and budgets.

kawasemi cottage - kawasemi cottage is approximately 70 years old and its restoration is part of a larger project (sasuichi restoration project: their aim is to preserve its retro charm while finding the optimal balance of tradition and comfort. (up to 4 guests)

koryu center sasama - a small elementary school surrounded by forests, tea fields and rivers has been reborn as an accommodation experience facility. offers both bunk and tatami rooms plus camping options and has onsen on-site. (1-20+ guests)

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experience history


SASU ICHI is the old nickname of a private estate in the village of AWABARA located in the beautiful SASAMA region at the edge of SHIZUOKA Prefecture's southern Alps. 

Consisting of ten buildings, including its own INARI shrine, the property's records document its 600+ year history. 

The SASU ICHI project aims to revive the estate and reinvigorate the surrounding area in conjunction with the local community. 

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ride experience.

navigate the routes with ridewithgps.

1. download the ride with gps mobile app for free via the itunes app store or google play store

2. tap open shortcut

3. enter shortcut or scan the qr

4. you'll be prompted to download the experience. tap download to begin.

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book your trip

once you have decided on a tour, contact us through email at or fill out the tour enquiry form. after completion of the tour application form you have the choice of paying a trip deposit (with the balance due a few weeks before your trip takes place), or paying for your trip in full upfront. in both cases your place on the trip is confirmed at this stage, and we will follow up with more information in due course.

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bespoke cycling tours

if you are inspired to ride with us in japan but would like to do so with a private group or on dates of your choice, then we’d be delighted to make that happen. please get in touch with our dedicated travel team to get the conversation started:

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