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gotemba, nestled in the valley between mt. fuji and hakone, gotemba is one of the most scenic and incredible cycling destinations in japan. with a long history and once home to the royal family, the landscape offers incredible scenery and many hidden cultural gems. with good access from tokyo, nagoya and osaka, not to forget one of the key locations for the tokyo olympic road race, gotemba is developing its cycle friendly amenities and offering some unique on and off bike experiences.

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exploring east.

the quiet roads to the east offer up unique views of mt. fuji, all an easy ride form the main entry point at gotemba station. choose the hakone/otome exit and the mountain greets you. the newly opened cafe 4120223 is the perfect place the start and the tourist centre located next door is also great for more information. there are two main loops, both intermediate to advanced as there is a moderate amount of climbing. see our recommended courses for more details, but expect stunning views of fuji on a clear day and quiet undulating backroads through the forest. heading further south, another great location and stopping point is the famous tokino sumika, which is part hotel complex, part theme park. again, great coffee and some unique views of mt. fuji can be enjoyed.

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exploring west.

the allure of the region is not only the breathtaking views, but the vast amounts of easy access dirt roads. this emerging cycling trend has been buoyed over the past 5 years by bicycle manufacturers offering typical road frames with clearance for wider tyres and specific mixed terrain bikes. what this allows is the chance to explore roads and areas otherwise off-limits to conventional bikes which the suruga region and sasama and shimada areas have plenty to offer. our courses include multiple sections of off-road terrain all easily accessible and rideable. that being said, and while it is nice to not get lost, there are numerous more adventures to be unearthed so we recommend getting on the bike and spend a few days exploring this wonderful region.

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equipment check

don’t get caught in the mountains without some essential equipment.

•gps unit with pre-loaded course

•enough food, water for your ride.

•spare tubes, pump, tools including chain tools

•proper clothing for changing conditions

•tell somebody your planned route and expected finish time.

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experience tradition.

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shizuoka prefecture is one of the foremost producers of green tea in japan and gotemba is home to an 18th generational tea producing master. along with supplying the japanese royal family, their hand-dried tea is one of the most sought after in japan. this product requires a specialist touch, but the master has made his multi generational knowledge and skill set available and we can know learn about the history and technique of this extremely special work. join the master and learn about what it takes to make craft the best green tea in japan.

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experience history

the edo period in japan signified the beginning of many fine arts along with cultural and economic growth. in this era, beautiful fabrics were made using a unique indigo dyeing process. these days, only a handful of artisans keep this tradition alive, and we can experience this very special handcraft in downtown gotemba. visit the master himself and learn about the beauty of traditional indigo dyeing and enjoy learning how to make your very own textiles.

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ride experience.

navigate the routes with ridewithgps.

1. download the ride with gps mobile app for free via the itunes app store or google play store

2. tap open shortcut

3. enter shortcut or scan the qr

4. you'll be prompted to download the experience. tap download to begin.

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book your trip

once you have decided on a tour, contact us through email at or fill out the tour enquiry form. after completion of the tour application form you have the choice of paying a trip deposit (with the balance due a few weeks before your trip takes place), or paying for your trip in full upfront. in both cases your place on the trip is confirmed at this stage, and we will follow up with more information in due course.

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bespoke cycling tours

if you are inspired to ride with us in japan but would like to do so with a private group or on dates of your choice, then we’d be delighted to make that happen. please get in touch with our dedicated travel team to get the conversation started:

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