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$4550 per person
9 Days | 3 October 2021
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EVERY MILE A MEMORY Way of the Samurai

Alps Route Japan is a tribute to the mountains of Japan. Covering the high alpine passes, from Gunma to Nagano, and through the Southern Alps to finish on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. If you love riding high on some of the best roads in the world, you will love Alps Route Japan.
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Join us for Alps Route Japan. This advanced RideJapan cycling tour is set to test with 7 hors categorie climbs in 7 days, and not to mention the other categorized climbs!! 900km and 19000m as we make our way from the high alps to our epic final day on the slopes of Mt.Fuji.

What's included

Fujinomiya , Hakuba , Kusatsu , Lake Shirakaba , Matsumoto , Takasaki Discover Destinations
Departure Location
Takasaki, Gunma
Return Location
Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
Additional Information
Tour Level: 10/10 Total Distance: 900km Total Climbing: 19000m
Price includes
  • Accommodation twin share room
  • Cycle Friendly Accommodation
  • Mechanical Support
  • Professionally guided tour
  • RideJapan Pedla Kit
Price does not include
  • Departure Taxes or Visa handling fees
  • Increases in airfares or Government imposed taxes
  • Medical insurance and emergency insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Visa arrangements
Additional Prices
SIngle Supplement: $500 Bike Rental: $400

Alps Route Japan is a tribute to the mountains of Japan. Covering the high alpine passes, from Gunma to Nagano, and through the Southern Alps to finish on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. If you love riding high on some of the best roads in the world, you will love Alps Route Japan.

Everyday is different except that every day is the same as we challenge the best mountains of Japan. Iconic climbs, such as the beast named Norikura; more than 2700m up in the clouds, or the might of Mt. Fuji on the final day, not once, but twice. We designed Alps Route Japan to push the limits and now in its fourth year. 900km, 19000m of climbing stand between you and the satisfaction of completing a hard week on the bike. Japan is known for its warrior Samurai, do you have what takes to finish Alps Route Japan?

Some of the most amazing roads in the world.

It’s not all about riding epic mountains and we want you to experience the best of Japanese hospitality, so accommodation is a perfect mix of Alpine Lodges, Traditional Ryokans and Hotels. Everyday is different, and every town is unique. Our goal is to amaze you with Japan off the bike as much as on.

​With breathtaking scenery, challenging riding and plenty of off-bike experiences to enjoy as well, the stage is set for a uniquely rewarding cycling holiday – one you and your legs will remember for a long time to come.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Alps Route Japan Cycling Tour is an Advanced Tour and requires a high level of fitness and bike handling skill. However, with the full support of a great team, professional guides and the best support you can get all you have to do is the riding, we take care of the rest.

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  • Day 8
  • Day 9
Day 1

Takasaki - Prolouge (22km/500m)

We will kick of the tour with an easy afternoon roll around the hills west of Takasaki. A good chance to test the bikes and test the legs still work after the flight. Hope so, you will need them at the best over the next week!


Day 2

Takasaki - Kusatsu (102km/2400m)

The first serious day on the bike, with a hilly course taking the riders deep into the Gunma mountains and the waiting onsen (Hot Spring) town of Kusatsu. A few climbs to keep the legs honest, but spectacular scenery and quiet roads should help take the riders minds off the elevation gain. A top first day.

Day 3

Kusatsu - Hakuba (130km/2600m)

Hopefully the legs got a good soak in the thermal hot springs, as today the riders will tackle the source of the thermals, the mighty Hors Categorie (HC) Mt. Shirane. Climbing straight out the roykan, the next 20km will take the riders up to 2100m as they twist their way up the slopes of the volcano. It will be worth it, and the views and the ensuing 30km descent into the outskirts of Nagano. The day does not end there, after lunch at a 1500year old Buddhist Temple, the riders will head up valley roads toward Hakuba. One last pinch will bring the riders into the Western Alps where the scenery is as incredible as the roads.

Day 4

Hakuba (98km/3200m)

We are in Hakuba for two nights, so today ARJ heads on a loop deep into the mountains. Japan is famous for its super smooth highways, but today we uncover the lesser used roads and trace a course through the hills where cyclists rarely go. Expect some surprises on route and it certainly would not be ARJ without a hills or two.

Day 5

Hakuba - Matsumoto (135km/3600m)

Matsumoto is a ancient castle town and will be our overnight stop, however getting there will not be easy. Another very hilly day as we make our way south. Several short climbs early on to warm up the legs before the final HC climb up to the 2200m Utsukushigahara.

Day 6

Matsumoto - Lake Shirakaba (65km/1800m)

After a few big days, the riders can enjoy a later start and a shorter course. However, do not be fooled by the distance, as there are some real surprises in store for this short, sharp day over up and over the beautiful Venus Line and Kirigame Highland.

Climbing straight out of Matsumoto, the riders face the 4km / 15% average Route 283 climb, an old favorite of the ARJ course director. There will no doubt be complaints, as not only is it very steep, it is also rough hard pressed concrete, which sort of feels like pave. Fun indeed, but the riders will be rewarded with stunning views across the Venus Line and a fabulous location for the overnight stop at Lake Shirakaba.

Day 7

Lake Shirakaba - Fujinomiya (151km/2600m)

Today the riders head for the location of the final showdown, mighty Mt. Fuji. 150km on the agenda as we descend out of the central alps and down through the valley that separates Yatsugatake to the north and the southern alps to the south. The first 100kms are mostly downhill and undulating, but this is Japan, so a climb is never to far away.The biggest test for the legs will be the Motosu -Michi climb, an 8km climb that takes us up to the level of the Mt. Fuji lakes. The mountain itself reigns supreme as the group rolls along the magical lakes that make this region a treat for the eyes and for cycling.

Day 8

Mt. Fuji (161km/4500m)

The final day of Alps Route Japan is tough. With more than 750km in the legs and 16,000m of climbing, it is time to push the limits and dig deep to get to the end. This course is designed to test, and Alps Route is not the toughest cycling challenge in Japan for no reason. 160km and 4500m of climbing will push body and mind.The challenges that face are the the two climbs up Mt. Fuji. Yes, TWO. After an undulating 60km, the riders will face the first test, the mighty Mt. Fuji Skyline Road. Starting at an elevation of 500m, it is 30km of climbing to the dizzying 5th Station at more than 2300m. Absolutely unrelenting and the legs will certainly feel the work of the previous week.A nice fast decent, brings the riders to what can only be described as torture, the dreaded and infamous Mt. Fuji Azami Line. 12km at an average of 12% gradient. This is where it all matters and the mind needs to be strong. Get to the 2300m top of this and enjoy the feeling of beating Mt. Fuji and Alps Route Japan.We descend off the hill and make the final 30km roll to the accommodation and the awaiting beers and bbq to put an end to sensational week on the bike and in Japan.

Day 9

Depart for Tokyo

More about Fujinomiya Discover Fujinomiya

Fujinomiya (富士宮) is a city in Shizuoka Prefecture on the southwestern slopes of Mount Fuji. The city grew up around Fujinomiya Sengen Shrine, the most prominent and important shrine in the region, which is also the traditional starting point of the approach up the mountain. Many visitors still start the climb from Fujinomiya via the Fujinomiya 5th Station, as it is the shortest and one of the most popular routes up the mountain. Fujinomiya is also home to the Shiraito Falls, one of Japan's most beautiful waterfalls. The falls can be found in the outskirts of the city along the way to the Fuji Five Lakes region on the northern side of the mountain.

More about Hakuba Discover Hakuba

Hakuba (白馬), located in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture, is one of Japan's most popular ski areas, offering good snow and several large ski resorts to choose from. During the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Hakuba gained world wide recognition as it hosted several olympic competitions, including alpine (downhill, super g, and combination) and nordic (ski jump and cross country) events. Today some of the olympic facilities remain in use, such as the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium. There is also the Hakuba Olympic Village Memorial Hall, a small but interesting museum, located within walking distance of the ski jump.

More about Kusatsu Discover Kusatsu

Considered to be one of Japan’s three most renowned onsen along with Arima and Gero, this famous onsen even took the top place (the Ozeki of the East) in an Edo period ranking of onsen. It also boasts 13 consecutive years as the number one spot in the Top 100 Onsen of Japan. As much as 32,300 liters of natural hot spring water which flows in every minute is the highest flow rate in Japan. This is enough water to fill about 230,000 barrels of water in one day. The minerals contained in the water vary by its source, but the basic composition of the water is acidic, hypotonic, and hot. The onsen water’s special feature is the strong acidity shown by the pH level of 2.1 (at the Yubatake water source). In the area around the symbol of Kusatsu, Yubatake (a wooden facility for thermal morderation of the water), which manages the 4,000 liters of water that flow out of the spring every minute, rows of accommodation facilities and souvenir shops stand and it creates a unique atmosphere of the onsen resort.

More about Lake Shirakaba Discover Lake Shirakaba

The lake is located approximately 1500 meters above sea level, within the Yatsugatake-Chushin Kogen Quasi-National Park, in Chino city, Nagano prefecture. It used to be an artificial reservoir for agricultural use. Today, you can find hotels, golf courses, and a ski resort around the lake. The area is well known as being one of the main resort spots in Nagano. You can enjoy the resort spots around Lake Shirakaba during all four seasons. From spring through summer flowers bloom everywhere. Even in summer the climate is mild and cool so you can enjoy strolling by the lake. Fishing, canoeing, and boating on the lake is available. Many people also stay in the resort to enjoy golfing and playing tennis at a nearby golf course and tennis courts. A large fireworks show is held in August. In autumn, you can enjoy red and yellow leaves of the trees. During winter, you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding at the ski resort. The Tateshina Teddy Bear Museum is located by Lake Shirakaba. The area has many facilities you can visit throughout the year. There are also major sightseeing spots including Yatsugatake, Tateshina, Kirigamine, and Lake Megami around Lake Shirakaba.

More about Matsumoto Discover Matsumoto

Matsumoto (松本) is the second largest city in Nagano Prefecture. It is most famous for Matsumotojo, one of Japan’s most beautiful original castles. The city is also a good base for trips into the Japanese Alps, e.g. to Kamikochi, Norikura or the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route. Matsumoto Castle, is the city’s must-see attraction and is among Japan’s oldest fortresses. Together with Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle and Inuyama Castle, the building is designated as a National Treasure. Matsumoto’s black, wooden keep (donjon) is the oldest such structure in Japan, dating from 1595. The black paint gave the castle its nickname “Karasujo” (Crow Castle) and the dark color was designed to terrorize approaching opponents. Matsumoto Castle is built on level ground and this has a wide moat as its primary means of defense.

More about Takasaki Discover Takasaki

Takasaki is an often forgotten city in Gunma Prefecture, on the Shinkansen line, north-west of Tokyo. While the area has lots to offer, because it's not on most tourist maps Takasaki is a lot quieter and more laid back than Tokyo. Takasaki still has all the comforts of a big Japanese city, such as convenience stores and good train connections, but feels like Tokyo would have before the boom economy. Takasaki has a population of 375,342, concentrated around the main station, which is connected to Tokyo via the Joetsu Shinkansen line. Many people here commute to Tokyo. Takasaki is a medium sized Japanese city, so has a good mix of the city life and countryside life.

More about this tour

Join us for Alps Route Japan. This Advanced Japan Cycling Tour is set to test with 7 Hors Categorie climbs in 7 days, not to mention the other categorized climbs, your legs will certainly be feeling it as you a push body and bike up the final ascent of Mt. Fuji, the famed Azami Line (12km @ 12%).

Average distance is about 110km per day with approximately 2500m of climbing. Our Advanced Tours aim to push fitness and bike handling ability, so high level cycling skills are a must. However, all that being said, we still strike the balance with time off the bike, and all the towns we visit have something to explore.

  • Average daily distance of approximately 120km
  • Average daily climbing of 2500m
  • Pedla RideJapan Kit.
  • High end bike rental available.
  • Incredible support from highly experienced guides and crew.
  • The best courses, hand-picked accommodations designed for you.
  • Taste and experience the wonderful Japanese culture.
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Alps Route Japan

$4550 per person
9 Days | 3 October 2021
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