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suruga adventure tour

The Suruga region is neatly nestled in the centre of the Shizuoka prefecture. From the waters edge of Suruga Bay, to the magical tea fields of the hilly interior, there is an abundance of cultural experiences and stunning beauty. History dominates the narrative and for the intrepid cyclist an amazing cycling experience awaits

april - november

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exploring shimada.


Shimada, on the Tokaido main line is the perfect location to launch your journey into the deep interior of the Suruga region. Here riders can access the mighty Oi River, explore the Old Tokaido route and its Edo Period history, or head into the boundless green tea fields and connect with fine artisan tea producers.


Moments from the station is the famous Horai Bridge which spans a total of 897.4 meters across the Oi River and is the longest wooden bridge in the world. The scene changes once over the bridge as the Makinohara tea plantations transport riders to a world of green as far as the eye can see and here the Old Tokaido weaves through small villages. The roads are quiet and hills await in this wonderful cycling region where only an adventurous spirit is the pre-requisite to a wonderful ride.

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heading inland.

The are a multitude of options in the Suruga inland region. The Oi River can take riders are far upriver as Ikawa, where all along the route Onsen accommodations and local produce awaits. Road conditions vary and those equipped for some nice mixed terrain can enjoy some wonderful backroads. Tea farms are many in the interior east oft eh Oi River and while one may feel like they are completely isolated, these villages and farms are abundant and worth a visit.


Along with unique tea experiences, the trend has been for young descendants of local landowners to return to the region and start small Café or bakeries which are worth the detour. The route can easily take riders back to Shimada or Fujieda, or return to the city of Shizuoka, all with a multitude of course options. However, for the prefect experience, why not make the journey a two-day trip and stay in Kawasemi cottage or the Koryu Centre in Sasama.

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taste of quality.        

the suruga region offers far more than quiet cycling roads. nestled on the steep inclines and flat valleys are some the finest tea producers in Japan and the world.

old tokaido experiences.

The Old Tokaido Road was the main walking trail between Edo (the name for Tokyo during the Edo era, 1603–1868) and Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. It was an important and probably quite busy road for samurai, officials and merchants during that time. Along the road, there were posts, inns, temples and shrines at the service of weary travelers.


Nowadays, some of the religious sites remain, but most of the posts and inns are gone. This road weaves its way through the southern Suruga region, including Shimada, Fujieda. Much history remains along the path and it is well worth the detour to learn more about this very interesting time in Japan history.

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bespoke cycling tours

if you are inspired to ride with us in japan but would like to do so with a private group or on dates of your choice, then we’d be delighted to make that happen. please get in touch with our dedicated travel team to get the conversation started:

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