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We are excited to welcome you all to the Bikes, Beach & Bergs 2022. 

After an unfortunate reschedule from July and the hunt to find a new location that would not only be better than than the original location, but literally makes it little comparison. Sometimes the setbacks only make for something to improve and we are so happy with the new location and course.


Working with Tokyu Shimoda Hotel, we have been able to secure the hotel lawn for not only the event registration, but the finish will also enjoy the stunning views out over the ocean. 


With safety as our #1 priority, due to landslides and closed roads from the recent typhoon that left much destruction throughout Shizuoka we had to make some adjustments to the course.

We respect and consider the rebuilding efforts and offer our sincere support to those affected, but will let the authorities do their best to make these mountain roads safe for travel once more.

The final course is 120km and 3100m of tarmac. Riders will be taken on a magical journey through southern Izu Peninsula. Starting in downtown Shimoda at Madogahama Kaiyu Park, riders will head toward the famous Shirohama Beach before heading into the hills for Matsuzaki. We are pleased to partner with Matsuzaki City, who will provide some nice local atmosphere at the Checkpoint in Matsuzaki.

A quick refuel and then some climbing through the hills of Matsuzaki before heading to the west coast. Possibly some of the most scenic cycling in Japan awaits as riders enjoy views over the ocean from multiple locations, and even the steep pathway through the famous Ishibu Rice Terraces will impress.

The final push for the finish at Tokyu Shimoda takes riders on an undulating course visiting the beaches and coves that showcase much of the unique beauty of the region.

Save some energy for the final climb and we look to welcome you home and celebrate an amazing day on the bike.

We look forward to seeing all our friends of past events and welcoming new riders to our RideJapan family. Our focus is to celebrate our love for adventure and cycling and support each other both on and off the bike.

Have a great ride.

Adam Cobain

RideJapan/Bike Beach & Bergs Director


Bikes Beach & Bergs is a course that takes riders on a 120km loop around the southern Izu Peninsula. The course passes the numerous famous beaches of the region, enjoys small forest roads and epic views. 


The course is very hilly (bergs) with 3100m vertical gain and the final 70km is very undulating as riders make their way back to Tokyu Shimoda Hotel. 


Bike Beach & Bergs is a self-supported and self-guided ride.

On course there are checkpoint/service locations at

28KM - Roadside station Hana-no-sanseien Izu-Matsuzaki - Toilets/Vending Machine

47KM - Izu-no-Chōhachi Museum - BBB Timing Point + Food/Toilets/Water (Convini also)

86KM - Cape Aiai - Toilets/Vending/VIEWS+++

97KM - 7-Eleven 235-1 Minato - Convini/Toilets (100m off-course)

103KM - Family Mart Kisami - Convini/Toilets

 Riders can receive mechanical or medical support at 47KM.

This point is also mandatory timing, so all riders must stop at 47KM and sign in with the BBB crew.

All other service areas are optional.

A cut off time will be enforced 



BBB22 course.png


In order to have the best weekend enjoying the Bike Beach & Bergs it is important to be well prepared. Spend some time reviewing the points below and make sure that you understand the basic requirements.



ALL riders are expected to have a functional GPS device with the RideWithGPS course pre-loaded. Following the route using the GPS is your primary way to navigate the course. DO NOT rely on course markings or other riders to navigate the course.

 The final course will made available in the week prior to the event so please make sure to download the latest and most current version of the route from the website.



This is a road bike course, so suitable to all bikes and tyre width.

 Gearing should be suitable for low-speed climbing and bikes should be well maintained and recently serviced so as to be able to safely handle long sections of rough terrain.

 Bikes should be carrying at least 2 bidons (water bottles) and adequate spares, tools, tubes, patches, pumps etc to get riders out of trouble.

A rear tail light is recommended, and with a few short tunnels, a front light also will help those unfamiliar with riding in light changing conditions.



The weather in Izu during Ocotber is mostly mild and we expect temperatures in the low 20’s. However, as conditions are susceptible to change, especially at some altitude during the ride, please make sure to pack wet weather gear, and warmers. Overnight temperatures are approximately 10degrees below daily temperatures, so pack appropriate off-bike clothing.


Food and Drink

Bike Beach Bergs offers some basic supplies at Matsuzaki checkpoint (47km), including water and some food and will also provide riders with the opportunity to have their own supplies transported to the checkpoint. Please bring your own on-bike supplies with you as options available in the Shimoda area  will be limited to those items that can purchased at Supermarkets/Convenience stores etc.


Registration Pack/Bib

Registration is open Saturday 29OCT from 12:00PM until 16:00PM at The Tokyu Shimoda Hotel.

Riders can collect their registration bag which includes bib number and bike number as well as other items from sponsors.

Please attach your bib number to the rear of you cycling jersey or top and the bike number to the front of your bike.

Safety points and zip ties will be provided and please make sure the bike number is always clearly visible.

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 11.22.37 am.png


〒415-8510 静岡県下田市五丁目12−1
*Parking at Tokyu Shimoda Hotel is only available to those staying at the Hotel
Due to limited space at the hotel parking please use alternative parking areas and ride or walk to the hotel.
Alternative parking area ⬇️

Parking at start area is availab and is free of charge (please do not park in the underground parking.
We will offer a bag delivery service so that riders can have a change of clothes available at the finish area.
Start parking area | Michi no eki Kaikokushimodaminato  ⬇️


The start area opens at 5:15AM and ALL RIDERS need to sign on.

If you DO NOT sign on, you will not get a finish time and will be DNS (DID NOT START).
Please make sure to visit the timing staff table and sign both the manual paper and be checked in in the timing system.

Once you are officially checked in, please remain in the start area to be present for rider briefing and start protocols.


The ride starts in downtown Shimoda and uses roads that are shared with other road users. While much of the course is on very minor roads, please follow all standard road rules and signage, sharing the road and following the road rules.


DO NOT under any circumstances break the road rules and riders MUST STOP at all crossings, traffic lights, stop signs and give ways and simply share the road in a respectful manner.


Any riders seen breaking these rules of the road or of the event will be DSQ (DISQUALIFIED).


Our goal is making sure we meet the highest standard of respect to all we encounter, so we expect ALL riders to represent the cycling community and the RIdeJapan community to the highest level and leave nothing on the course but your tyre tracks.


DO NOT LITTER and leave nothing behind.


Riders are encouraged to utilise the rider bag check-in service to have food, drinks, and clothing available at the checkpoint in Matsuzaki (47km)

This checkpoint is mandatory to stop at and riders must sign-in both manually and via the timing system. Before the ride begins we will indicate the area to drop bags that are be transported to the checkpoint. Bag, while disposable are best, will be available at the event hub for riders to collect after the ride.


Location: Matsuzaki Chohachi Parking Area

Right side of road 47KM

Operation Hours:

Sunday 30OCT – 7:30AM - 9:30AM

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 5.14.06 pm.png


The course will be marked in various ways, both with arrows and tape. While we do our utmost to make sure these are clearly visible and well positioned, your primary means of navigation is the GPS on your bike. Organisers take no responsibility for riders going off-course and offer the course markings as secondary support to GPS device.



We will finish at the top of the driveway at the Tokyu Shimoda Hotel.  Riders will then transition to the lawn area at a respectable speed in the driveway, keeping in mind that other guests, staff and vehicels will be using the driveway. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND DO NOT RACE OR RIDE FAST IN THIS AREA!!!

We will monitor the finish at the top of climb to mark of a podium, however once completed, riders are to come to the lawn area to get a final time allocated. 

 Please follow all road rules and do not ride dangerously around the finish area. Anyone seen riding dangerously will be DSQ.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 8.39.54 am.png

Rider Cut-off

Riders must adhere to safety protocol on course and the Checkpoint at Matsuzaki will close at 9:30AM. Riders outside this time will need to return to the  start/finish by the shortest route and inform the BBB crew.


Please use direct route from Matsuzaki to Tokyu Shimoda



Riders will be timed using our Webscorer Timing System.

This will provide results for the prize podiums and track riders.

It is a system that needs riders to be checked in on the touchpad system.

You need to make yourself known to the BBB crew to get a timestamp.


This needs to be done at Start/Checkpoint/Finish




Riders are encouraged to use our event live tracking app. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 8.44.45 am.png
285342968_747140406430596_1881497175005631735_n (1).png


Podium prizes/Awards for the Bike Beach & Bergs are as follows:

Sunday 30TH OCT | Presentation 2:00PM | Tokyu Shimoda Hotel Lawn


OPEN MALE (1st,2nd,3rd | Prizes) 

OPEN FEMALE (1st,2nd,3rd | Prizes)

GRV Trophy Leaders Jersey Presentation (1st | Jersey + Prizes)

SPECIAL RIDER AWARD (1st | Jersey + Prizes)


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